Professor Julie Barnett brings her social and health psychology expertise to the forefront, primarily focusing on the intricate realm of risk. Her research delves into public perceptions of risk, effective risk communication strategies, and the art of strategic risk management. Beyond risk-related inquiries, Professor Barnett’s interests span a broad spectrum of social well-being, exploring the impact of social connections on addressing loneliness, social prescribing, and the increasing integration of digital technology into our daily lives.

An active member of the Healthy Later Living Network at the University, Professor Barnett contributes to a collaborative research environment encompassing various health and social domains. Her work extends beyond the theoretical realm, engaging with real-world challenges. In previous projects, she has explored public understandings of tree and plant pests, navigated the challenges faced by individuals with food allergies, and delved into fostering trust and empathy in online spaces. Her research portfolio reflects a commitment to unravelling the complexities of human behaviour, social dynamics, and the evolving landscape of risk in contemporary society. Professor Barnett’s contributions not only advance academic knowledge but also hold practical implications for enhancing public health and well-being.

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