ECR and PGR AMR network

Early Career & Postgraduate Researcher Network

All Early Career researchers (ECRs) and Postgraduate researchers (PGRs) in Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter universities, who are members of the GW4 AMR Alliance, automatically join our ECR and PGR AMR network.

The aims of the Network are to:

  • Promote cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional networking and peer-to-peer learning
  • Enhance ECR and PGR career development by promoting collaborations between the GW4 institutions, and to encourage collaborative grant proposals, research projects and papers
  • Career mentorship (mentorship scheme and talks from ECRs who have been awarded a Fellowship or Lectureship)
  • Identification of funding opportunities including travel grants, seed corn grants, fellowships and response mode applications (highlighting AMR-specific opportunities)
  • Host an interactive forum (using the AMR Alliance’s SharePoint site) where members can post AMR-related questions, ask for advice on research methodology & techniques, post events, job and funding opportunities.


Please sign up to the GW4 AMR Alliance here: sign up form (ECRs and PGRs working/registered at GW4 universities only currently; we may open our membership wider in future).

Once you have joined, the GW4 AMR Alliance team will invite you to join SharePoint by email and add you to the ECR and PGR network’s mailing list to keep you informed of activities and where you can get involved.


The ECR and PGR AMR network is run by an 8-strong team of ECRs and PGRs, supported by the GW4 AMR Alliance team. The cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional committee meet once every 6-8 weeks to organise the network’s activities. The current committee are:

The chair of the committee also attends the GW4 AMR Alliance’s Steering Group meetings to represent the ECR and PGR community in the Alliance’s strategic development and activities.

Please contact your local representatives with any ideas, queries or whether you would like to join the committee in the future.

Call for ECR and PGR committee members for the ECR and PGR AMR Network 

The ECR and PGR AMR Network is seeking new committee members. The cross-institutional committee meets online every 6-8 weeks, and meetings are organised and supported by the AMR Alliance coordinator. 

If you would like to be part of an 8-strong team of ECRs and PGRs shaping our Lightning Talk series and new initiatives, please contact us stating why you would like to be involved or if you have any questions regarding the network.

Contact: AMR Coordinator, Dr Gözde Burger,