Training our future researchers and leaders

Doctoral Training programmes

To tackle the global challenge of AMR, high-quality PhD training is an urgent priority to ensure the next generation of researchers is equipped with the skills to make a real impact worldwide. GW4 hosts over 30 externally funded Doctoral Training Centres and partnerships.

The University of Bristol is leading the Medical Research Foundation’s National PhD Training Programme in Antimicrobial Resistance Research. It is the only national PhD Training Programme that trains new researchers to explore ways to tackle AMR. The University of Exeter is a partner in this cross-institutional training programme.

The Programme supports five core-funded PhD students at the University of Bristol and two at the University of Exeter and at Exeter’s Penryn Campus. Wider-cohort students (funded to attend the Programme’s annual conference and one residential training course during their PhD) are based at Bath and Cardiff universities.

Other GW4 Doctoral Training Programmes with an AMR and AMR-related research focus include:


BBSRC South West Biosciences DTP


NERC GW4 FRESH Centre for Doctoral Training

Wellcome Trust GW4 Clinical Academic Training Programme for Health Professionals (GW4 CAT HP)


The theme for the 2020 GW4 Crucible Programme was Interdisciplinary approaches to AMR. GW4 Crucible provided the opportunity for future research leaders across a broad range of disciplines to come together and generate innovative, multifaceted responses to address the global challenge of AMR. Five collaborative interdisciplinary research projects received seed funding to further their research projects.

The GW4 AMR Alliance builds on the momentum generated from GW4 AMR Crucible and the GW4 Alliance’s Building Communities programme which offers Generator funding and several new GW4 funded AMR research communities have been formed.